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Project Papa – COMING SOON!


Driven into a state of panic about how quickly her father is growing older, and slowly fading away from the man he used to be, Alisa, a young busy entrepreneur puts her life on hold, and along with her best friend, they embark on Project Papa – her quest to fix him and give back what he gave her in abundance – love, memories, and time.


Why Crowdfunding?

Making a movie is expensive! We are using a huge chunk of our life savings to make Project Papa the film. However, for us to make this movie the way it deserves to be made, we need to raise 30 lakhs.

Crowdfunding is an amazing platform to raise funds for creative projects. It’s legal. It’s legit. And most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to be involved in something much much bigger than just the film. Our video has had a huge impact, and we’re certain that the movie will too. We want you on this journey! Any contribution, big, or small, will go a long way in helping us make Project Papa come to life.

The Process

Our Crowdfunding campaign was live till the 16th of April 2016. After an arduous few months filled with a lot of hard work, sweat, humility, a little fear, and a lot of love and hope- one sector of our journey has been successfully completed with Rs. 30,65,010 raised from 161 backers from all across the world.

Remember, this is not the end, its just the beginning of something beautiful!

About the Film

Project Papa, an English-Hindi feature length film that stems from a concept extremely close to the heart.

Driven into a state of panic about how quickly her father is growing older, and slowly fading away from the man he used to be, Alisa, a young, busy entrepreneur puts her life on hold, and along with her best friend, they embark upon Project Papa- her quest to do everything she can to help him, and give back what he gave her in abundance- love, memories and time.


The idea of this film stemmed, when one crazy daughter decided she wanted to spend more time with her father. He was getting older, she realized, and she abandoned all logic, as she believed that there was no better way of doing this, than making a movie with him, and also making his dream of acting in a film, a reality, at 60 plus years.

Along the way, Project Papa became more than just the whimsical fantasy of this crazy duo alone, as daughters elsewhere, heard about Project Papa and wanted to say “I love you” to their fathers, or asked themselves why they hadn’t already.

And that’s why Project Papa the Film- to epitomize and immortalize this relationship, while also presenting father-daughter duo’s with the platform to express what they need to.

Because fathers are not getting any younger. Because daughters are growing up too quickly. Because he was there for her. And all the more, if he wasn’t.

Because at times, we don’t say what we need to say or we don’t say it enough, until that time has gone.

Because he is her hero and she is his angel. Or because that’s what she hoped for.


Making a movie is expensive!

When you have a dream, but not the resources, we asked each other “What do you do?” You call upon friends who have the resources; the one’s who can dream your dream too.

This whole year has been invested in research, writing, making music, living and breathing the movie, and getting friends and creative collaborators on board who believe in the project and the message it seeks to tell.

Sweat, tears, the barter system, and a huge chunk of personal savings for a rainy day have propelled the idea into something somewhat tangible.

The film is currently in the pre-production stages, with new resources and talent being added to the team over a period of time.

To make this movie the way it deserves to be made, we will soon be launching a Crowdfunding campaign. We sincerely thank the geniuses’ who decided that Crowdfunding could become a legit way of getting funds for creative projects.

Please click on the ‘Notify Me’ tab, if you would like to be updated of the progress.


I started with nothing but a dream. No film degree, no film assistant experience, no funds and literally no clue.

The best education, as they rightly say, is experience. The video above, officially my first short film, is a manifestation of this increasing education.

I’m supremely grateful now having acquired a world of knowledge, that I didn’t have at the beginning of this year, and four months from now, I would have passed out from my very own film school.

I am indeed crazy, and I hope to inspire others with a dream to switch over to the crazy side as well. Normal is no fun.

I’m anxious for the day I can look back and say, “I did it. I learnt something that’s not my core competency, and I ventured far away from the limited things I knew!”

As I wake up every morning, with the ‘right’ side of my brain trying to scream out that I’m crazy, and my self-doubt begging me to STOP, the more dominant, crazy side of my brain, the one that’s rooted through my heart, quotes a line from one of my favorite songs Hall of Fame, “You’ll never really know, if you never even tried!”

Bringing Project Papa to life

A Note from Kanika Batra

When faced with a potentially life changing decision, I always ask myself what would be the most logical and practical thing to do: and then I’ve gone and done the exact opposite!

So as the resounding echoes of the majority yelled, “Don’t do it! It’s not your core competency, just stick to what you know!” I marched on with a determined smile on my face and a nervous gulp in my throat, and always did what the majority told me not to. And I consider myself extremely lucky! Because I ultimately did it, I learnt what was not my competency, and I ventured far away from the limited thing I knew! And that’s how so many brilliant things came to life, in the short but exhausting 29 years that I’ve lived. Read More

Walking the beaten path has never been my forte. My heart has always been stronger than my brain. Assumedly, this is why, after 6 years of law school, having done my Masters in Law from Kings College London, and after several internships, including one at the Supreme Court of London, I decided I no longer wanted to practice law.

“Why?” came the admonishing chorus of my acquaintances, and well-wishers alike. I tried hard to find a suitable response. One that would convince people that I wasn’t crazy. The only thing I could come up with, that was the most honest of them all, was this: It doesn’t make me happy.

And so guided by this happiness criteria of measurement, I’ve meandered through my life, and sometimes made absurd decisions. Decisions that inevitably, whether logical or not, somehow made me happy.


I realized though, that two years ago, my never failing happiness measurement criteria, was replaced with something more new age, more adult, and certainly more tangible. My life was controlled by my work. Ironically, the one’ s who loved me, now echoed, “Why? Why don’t you dance anymore? Why don’t you workout anymore? Why don’t you smile anymore?” and this time, I didn’t even need to think of a response, as my wiring had changed. The response was quick and easy: because I just don’t have the time.

And this is how, on one very introspective New Year’s night, in December 2014, the idea of Project Papa was born. I asked the mirror as I looked at my much larger than I was two years ago self, why the happiness criteria had dissolved into the background? I went so far as to get a pen and paper, and make a list of reasons as to why I had stopped doing everything that made me happy, and started chasing the things that engulfed me in a vicious circle. Writing that list was extremely consuming. Business was doing well, but that was never enough. The gym was always available, but there was no time. Sleep, or no sleep, clients were meant to be pleased. When not at work, I didn’t really ever need to wear anything other than my oversized T-shirt, and pyjamas. And that’s how I started to always feel like nightclothes. Ready to dream, but restlessly asleep through it all. The heart really had no place when it came to matters of the adult mind. The female adult was meant to work hard, accumulate things, procreate, accumulate more things, procreate some more, and then pass on the accumulated stuff to her off springs. At least that’s what I thought.  As I read that list, over and over again, I raised my hands in surrender, and ultimately called by own bluff. ‘Bullshit’ was the only word that kept coming to mind, as I tried to rationalize where and why I had lost myself. And so, I decided vehemently that I would screw the adult brain, and go with the childlike heart. I asked myself what would make me happy. ‘Creating something’ came the internal response. ‘Creating something immortal.’

I decided that moment, to spend the next one-year, juggling my business with also making a movie. A compelling story came to mind. A story about the importance of being happy NOW, explored through the relationship between a father and a daughter. A bond that I consider to be the most symbiotic and precious one in my life.

This decision was fuelled by the desire to tap in to my dormant creativity to create something, but mostly, to be able to do some thing and create something with, and for, my father.

I started my firm called Metanoia Movies India, through which this film will be made. Metanoia is a beautiful Greek word that means: a change of one’s heart, or way of living life. And it truly has been! I know now, that one never has time for the things that make you happy. But if happiness is a priority, then one finds a way to make the time.

But, as always, I heard the echoes again: “Don’t do it! It’s not your core competency, just stick to what you know!” There were additions this time, “you’ll waste an entire year of your life. Your business will suffer. Why are you doing this?” My response, one that has managed to elicit sometimes a scorn, and sometimes a smile is this: because it makes me happy!


The Growing Team

  • Kanika Batra
  • Actor, Writer, Director, Song-writer, Creative genius, Brainchild
  • Kanika considers herself a jack of all trades and a master of- well! She thinks it audacious to strive for perfection, and is happy being a keen experiencer of the marvellous opportunities life has to offer. By qualification, she’s a Masters in law from Kings College London. By profession, she’s a young entrepreneur and corporate speaker who runs a niche Learning and Development company called Outperform Learning and by blood and passion she’s an actor. She’s done several musical and non- musical plays, and has played the lead in 2  feature films (Station and Joint Trip).

    She vehemently believes in the old adage ‘sleep when you’re dead’.


    “Project Papa is my insane creative release from my manic lifestyle as I feel I am ready to share something with the world. But mostly, it’s my innocent plan to spend more time with my Papa and create a memory that will last forever.”

  • Rakesh Batra
  • Actor, Inspiration, Life-enthusiast, Over-grown child
  • A Chartered Accountant by profession, Rakesh has spent the past 36 years of his life successfully owning and running diversified businesses from printing presses, real estate developments, restaurants, travel agencies, insurance firms and garments, besides actively pursuing theater as a passion.

    He believes that his best moments are the time spent with his two beautiful daughters.


    “Project Papa is not only Kanika’s dream and passion, but is also an ode to the beautiful relationship between parent and child. Acting as one of the protagonists in a full length feature film … a dream come true. Acting alongside my daughter.. Heavenly. Can’t wait. Thank you soo much dear Kanika!”

  • Sneha Kapoor
  • Artist, Choreographer,Life Enthusiast
  • Sneha Kapoor is popularly known as the ‘Salsa Princess’ of India. She has  represented India on an International Platform at several salsa championships and won several tiles.
    She is a popular choreographer, seen on national television and works in the Bollywood Entertainment Industry.
    Sneha is a  fun loving person and full of energy. When she can, she involves herself in work for NGO’s and charitable foundations.
    She strives for perfection in anything she puts her hands to and strongly believes that talent and hard work always pay off.
    “Since the first time I performed in front of a camera I loved it and ever since I’ve secretly always wanted to give acting a shot! Project Papa is a like a dream come true for me because the script is wonderful and so is my character in the movie. I get to explore a new world, I get to tick mark acting in a film off my bucket list! And it’s even more exciting because I get to do it with my childhood friend Kanika Batra! “
  • Rohn Malhotra
  • Actor, Quizzer, Risk-taker
  • Rohn is an entrepreneur by trade, an actor by passion and a dog lover at heart. His first start-up, Alma Mater is India’s largest online customised merchandise company. Currently he works in HR Tech and Sports Tech spaces and always has an eye out for developments in the world of Tech.

    Rohn’s love for acting keeps bringing him back to the stage, having done numerous productions with Bangalore’s theatre elite over the years. A former quizzer, he would give anyone a run for their money if the topics are movies and sports.


    “Project Papa truly is a labour of love, not just between a father and his daughter but between each and every person that was part of this production. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been a part of this journey, to have seen the hardwork and tears that have gone into it’s making and the joy of seeing it on a big screen. I could not have imagined a more caring, talented and passionate bunch of people to have shared this experience with.”

  • Dawn John Philip
  • Creative Consultant/Educator/ Music Director
  •  Dawn is a musician, music producer and creative consultant based out of Bangalore. He has over 15 years of experience as a studio producer, advertising consultant and live sound engineer. Dawn owns and runs his own production house “DJP Media”.
     “Working with Kanika and team was an amazing experience , their drive and dedication to make “Project Papa” the best it could be was an inspiration while scoring the music and a constant driving force to give it my best, can’t wait for more projects to come and greatly look forward to being associated with the Metanoia Movies family in the future”
  • Nidhiya Mutunayagam
  • Motivator, Assistant Director, Content collector, Coffee-maker, The Happiness-quotient
  • Nidhi is a young, energetic individual. She has diversifying interests- being an engineer by qualification, a human resource and marketing personnel, counsellor by hobby and a facilitator by profession, she believes that one needs to follow their heart.


    “In a way Project Papa is the journey of following your heart and not holding back; the bigger message being the importance of the ‘Now’. Death has snatched away many people who have meant the world to me. If there’s one thing Life has taught me it’s that the ones you love are here TODAY. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may or may not come, but today is here! It is the Now that counts. Project Papa is my way of saying, “Thank you for the memories.”

  • Farah Merchant
  • Believer, Run-to Girl, Networker, Cooker, Workaholic
  • Farah is a corporate geek, a facilitator and a die-hard romantic at heart.

    She found her calling 13 years ago in the field of Learning and Development and spends every minute of her day working towards observing, nurturing and creating magic when it comes to motivating and inspiring people. She currently represents Outperform Learning and Development, Bangalore as their Vice President-Client Services.
    This energetic, fun and smiling girl cooks, bakes, reads, laughs a lot and lives by the belief: “If not now, then when. If not me, then who!”


    Project Papa is a film that’s close to my heart for two reasons: a time that’s gone by, my father has passed, and in a way this is a tribute to Him for all the times that I didn’t say “I love you” enough and to my Mom, an inspirational single parent since.”

  • Jeet Singh
  • Musical genius, Mr. Mix and Master, Music Composer, Singer
  • Jeet Singh by profession is a music composer, producer, mixing & mastering engineer and singer. His smile and energy is extremely infectious and the warmth of his spirit translates to his music.


    “I have chosen to be a part of team Project Papa because I believe that the essence of the film is something that I personally hold close to my heart. I love the story, and I’m pretty sure that it will strike the right chords with any audience. It has been a wonderful journey being part of a team with genuine efforts constantly driven by passion.”

  • Aniket Dasgupta
  • Designer, Editor, Video genius, 2 a.m. Tech-support, Critique
  • Aniket is a 24-year old writer, filmmaker and media entrepreneur from Bangalore. He enjoys Darjeeling tea and the power of disruptive ideas. He co-founded High Ninja Media, a new media creative agency and production house in Bangalore.


    “We connected with the idea of the film when Kanika first told us about the project. It’s an interesting project simply because the dynamics of a modern Indian family has changed immensely over the last few decades and Indian cinema still seems to be stuck in very ideal, filmi depictions of this. This project addresses this in a rather interesting manner. The first draft convinced us that we needed to be a part of it any way possible, and that’s how we got here.”

  • Swathy Sethumadhavan
  • Editing genius, Designer, Video buff
  • Swathy is a 23 year old filmmaker, editor and co-founder of the new media creative agency and production house- High Ninja Media. Passionate about editing and filmmaking, her guilty pleasures include flavoured yogurt and the the film Om Jai Jagdish (although she will deny this in public).


    “What drew me towards working with Papa Project is the the passion exhibited by  Kanika and her team. I have been living away from my parents for the past 5 years and growing up, I saw the struggles they had to go through to get me a stellar education. I am an only child and even though my parents miss me immensely, they haven’t  ever asked me to sacrifice my personal ambitions for the sake of their happiness. Working with Project Papa makes me feel like in a minuscule way, I can return the favour to my parents for all their love and support. “

  • Samatha Chandrashekar
  • Dancer, Photographer, Selfie-expert
  • Sam is lively, energetic and multitalented. She holds a Masters in Management from University of Bristol, UK. She also teaches Bollywood and Zumba. Besides work and dance, she loves volunteering at different NGO’s and spending time with children! Her dream is to be a Social Entrepreneur in the future.


    “Right after my course in the UK, I was wondering what would I do once I get back to India and Project Papa came my way. I found the concept revolving around father-daughter relationship very interesting. This is something almost every individual can relate to in some or the other way. It’s a very overwhelming and sensitive topic. I’m glad to have gotten this opportunity to work on this film. I’ve been enjoying everybit of it. Great team! So thankful, really looking forward to it.”

  • Kunal David
  • Social media Guru, Night-owl, Charmer
  • Kunal is the Founder of Marching Ants, a Digital Agency.


    “Why Project Papa? ‘Cause it’s Kani! I can’t not be involved in whatever she’s doing. Even if it means cleaning the sets and if she requires my help, I’ll be there!”

Rest of the team


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